Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Script Developers and Automatically updating scripts

I've recently received a notice concerning a large amount of requests coming into the website. I've narrowed it down to scripts that perform automatic updates. The server is being hammered and it needs to be better managed.

As it stands most scripts are requesting the script's page and then, if an update is available, downloading the newest version. Which is great for the end user but if every single time the script is ran it makes these requests it adds up quick.

I'm going to have to find away to block auto updaters until I can work out a solution, I'm thinking of a developer key which can limit the amount of requests made to the server, if it get's excessive.

In the meantime I encourage script developers to update their scripts, disabling any auto update functions until I can get a system in place to manage the requests.

I hope you all understand, sorry about the inconvenience.

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