Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today I am adding ip banning...

With almost 9000 users I can say that a vast vast vast majority of them are good citizens but recently a few people have decided that they have a problem with a free site offering free content. I guess I've been spoiled because for a year and a half the thought never crossed my mind to create a banning system.

Recently I implemented a 'posting ban' because some users do not understand what to post where. Leaving negative reviews because you can't get a script to work is not appropriate. It's been made obtrusively clear, if we have a problem, that we should click the 'Get Support' links, not to leave a negative review.

At the same time I added 'account bans', this was mainly added as a barrier to bad accounts. Such as imitating a PlayOn Admin.

So this morning I will be adding IP banning because some people can't control themselves. I'd rather spend the time on new features but it is what it is.