Friday, April 30, 2010

[Website Update] Auto inclusion of images

In preparation for the upcoming release of PlayOn with Scripts included by default, all Scripts being downloaded from now on will automatically be including the site icon image. There will be some documentation coming soon.

Take that Plugins!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Future

I guess it was announced here that the Scripts Plugin will be rolled into PlayOn and be available by default to all users, which is good new for everyone.

Plugin development was frozen in late February and, to my knowledge, was integrated without any alteration. A couple other things were implemented as well (a better options dialog, and embedding images into scripts).

I'll still be distributing the plugin until the updated version of PlayOn is released, and of course will be maintaining the website.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

[Website Update] Messages

Over the next few days I'll be rolling out a messaging system for the site. It will automatically notify us when our scripts are reviewed, commented on in the official forum post, or updated (complimenting the new feature that lets multiple people maintain files and scripts). I might eventually open it up for direct user-to-user messages.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Website Update: Maintainers for files

If you upload a file to the website (just files for the moment, Scripts will follow soon) you can now Update the file to allow others to update the file as well.

[ Updated ]
Scripts can now have multiple maintainers as well.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1 Million Downloads

The site just reached the pretty significant milestone of 1,000,000 downloads. Thanks everybody!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Consider donating

Over at PlayOn Scripts we now have over 120 scripts, which amounts to hours upon hours or content for you to enjoy. You know what it also amounts too? Hours upon hours of development and maintenance time provided by your friendly script writers.

This post is to let you guys know that the script writers are doing all this for free. I know some people don't care, which is fine, and I know some people don't have expendable income, I can relate, but if you really like a particular script take time to see if the developer has a Donation link posted with their scripts and send them a few bucks. It'll help keep these fine folks interested in maintaining the scripts, and they deserve it too.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Options Window

Since the beginning when I first conceived of the idea for the Scripts Plugin I've been trying to come up with a way to give us the ability to let the users interact with the script from the PlayOn window. My first attempt just confused our users, and the second attempt is just a band aid.

But I've been working on a way to let us have options on par with "normal" plugins. This came to head with a good link provided by hotTamale (script developer extraordinaire) here. It goes into great detail dealing with accessing C# options from Lua.

I'm getting tired so to cut it short I'll just leave you with what the new options code will (probably) look like:

  1. --[[Options
  2. --#code
  3. --load the assemblies
  4. luanet.load_assembly "System.Windows.Forms"
  5. luanet.load_assembly "System.Drawing"
  6. --assign the objects (#include controls can supplant this)
  7. Form = luanet.import_type "System.Windows.Forms.Form"
  8. Button = luanet.import_type "System.Windows.Forms.Button"
  9. TextBox = luanet.import_type "System.Windows.Forms.TextBox"
  10. Label = luanet.import_type "System.Windows.Forms.Label"
  11. Point = luanet.import_type "System.Drawing.Point"
  12. --create the objects
  13. frmDialog = Form()
  14. txtZip = TextBox()
  15. lblZip = Label()
  16. butClose = Button()
  17. butApply = Button()
  18. --controls
  19. lblZip.Text = "Zipcode: "
  20. lblZip.Location=Point(20,20)
  21. txtZip.Text = "90210"
  22. txtZip.Location=Point(50,20)
  23. txtZip.Width = 150
  24. butApply.Text = "Apply"
  25. butApply.Location=Point(250,180)
  26. --button click handler
  27. handler=butApply.MouseUp:Add(function(sender, data)
  28. --apply code here
  29. Log(txtZip.text)
  30. frmDialog:HideDialog()
  31. end)
  32. butClose.Text = "Close"
  33. butClose.Location=Point(280,180)
  34. --button click handler
  35. handler=butApply.MouseUp:Add(function(sender, data)
  36. --reset fields and hide window
  37. frmDialog:HideDialog()
  38. end)
  39. --form properties
  40. frmDialog.Text = "My Dialog Box"
  41. frmDialog.Width = 300;
  42. frmDialog.Height = 250;
  43. frmDialog.HelpButton = true
  44. frmDialog.MaximizeBox=false
  45. frmDialog.MinimizeBox=false
  46. --assign controls to our window
  47. frmDialog.Controls:Add(txtZip)
  48. frmDialog.Controls:Add(lblZip)
  49. frmDialog.Controls:Add(butClose)
  50. frmDialog.Controls:Add(butApply)
  51. frmDialog:ShowDialog()
  52. EndOptions]]--