Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coding night!

Tonight I decided to sit down and do some back end maintenance and upgrade some code.

A lot of the back end is boring but a big chunk of what I worked on will allow me to work on the site without my tinkering resulting in odd errors for those unlucky to stumble upon whatever page I'm working on. Now we'll just get a simple message stating that the page is being worked on at the moment.

Messages too have been beefed up. We can now reply to messages that are in our inbox. This won't affect most users since most messages are sent between developers and to/from admins but when I enable sending messages between users it'll come in handy. I'm still debating on whether this will be a Gold feature only simply because it's more database intensive and will require quite a bit more code.

Speaking of Gold Members, they're seeing a new smaller version of the home page now. The updated page has a new simple javascript based portal widget displaying most of the content that currently takes up a lot of space on the main page. I wrote it myself after searching for something similar but I only turned up overly complex examples that would end up being a pain in the butt to implement and maintain, so I created one from scratch. I'll look for some feedback at a later date for opinions (if anyone actually cares that is).

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