Thursday, December 17, 2009


First up, the next update probably won't come out until after the holidays. I've gotten a request to expand VideoResource() and instead of stupidly trying to cram more xml into the description I'm just going to add a function called VideoResourceX() (which, by the way, I spent several agonizing hours thinking of the name). It'll look like this:

VideoResourceX(string title, string path, string description, string thumbnail, string datetime, long duration, int bitrate, string resolution, string genre, string rating, int sortIndex)

The new function will accept a table containing the data it needs.

VideoResourceX(table data)

I'm also probably going to add a FormatRTMP() function seeing as we do format the rtmp string a lot in our scripts. Keep an eye on the Dev Center for explanations for the new code.

There has been some confusion with the Script Options window, so I'm going to rework that to make it less confusing.

Finally, we're coming up to a release which will be a milestone release. Hopefully it will also represent a feature freeze, where no more features will be added. After the 1.0 release future version will come out a lot more slowly as I'll be mainly focusing on bug fixes and code tweaks. I don't want the plugin getting any bigger and to be honest I feel as if it is very mature in its current state. I'm seeing some amazing stuff coming out and I'm seriously impressed in both the creativity shown by script writers and that I was able to make something so versatile.

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