Monday, December 21, 2009

Debug notifications and complete Alias list

I've written a small console application that, if present in the plugins directory, will pop up and notify us that there was an error, and what the error contained. Probably useful for developers only and probably not that useful except that it'll save us time looking at the log. I added a function available from Lua to access the debug notifier DebuggerLog(string s);

Expect to find the application in the Dev Center once comes out. Also speaking of the Dev Center I've updated the Lua Specific Functions file so it should be easier to browse, out with as well.

Full List of Aliases

_guc() = GetURLCached()
_gu() = GetURL()
_gur() = GetURLxR()
_gux() = GetURLX()
_guxr() = GetURLXxR()
_sr() = str_replace()
_sp() = str_split()
_sf() = str_find()
_sfl() = str_findlast()
_se() = str_escape()
_su() = str_unescape()
_she() = str_html_encode()
_shd() = str_html_decode()
_sst() = str_strip_tags()
_sgb() = str_get_between()
_sgba() = str_get_between_a()
_st() = str_trim()
_vr() = VideoResource()
_vrx() = VideoResourceX()
_ar() = AudioResource()
_ir() = ImageResource()
_ct() = ConvertTime()
_vf() = VirtualFolder()
_dvf() = DynamicVirtualFolder()
_rx() = ResolveXML()
_srx() = SpecialResolveXML()
_v() = Version()
_l() = Log()
_dl() = DebuggerLog()
_sm() = ShowMsg()

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