Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Release

I decided to push the release of version up a couple days, get it right now!

The update log:
Developers may now force a video type to PlayOn by including the tag <special force="wmv"> (for Windows Media Video) and <special force="flv"> (for Flash Video) in the video's url.
If autorun.lua is present in the Scripts directory, default loading is bypassed and autorun.lua is executed
Extended Lua with LoadScript();
Extended Lua with GetURLXxR();
Fixed a bug with SetScriptOption();
Added GetScriptOptionX(); and SetScriptOptionX(); which allows access to other scripts options (or create custom sections)
VideoResource(); now excepts a date, accessed by some xml data in the description var.
Extended Lua with GetVideoPerformanceLevel();

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