Sunday, May 22, 2011

Experiments, Contests, and Lists. Oh My!

Sometime this weekend Lists will be enabled for all users, the system seems stable and I'd like to get some broader feedback. Expect it soooooon.

The Monthly Contest will begin on 6/1/2011 and continue until 7/1/2011. Thanks to donations I was able to secure some funding for a couple months worth of contests. And, of course, the free PlayOn Premium upgrade being supplied by MediaMall! At the end of the contest winners will be contacted to supply an email address to accept the winnings via PayPal.

I've put up a new section on the forums asking for ideas for the website, I've been working on a good one which should also be put up sometime this weekend (more on this when it's released). Post your ideas for the website, no matter how crazy, and if it's possible, I'll try to get it done.

Monday, May 16, 2011

[Website] Server I/O Error

Tonight I discovered that there was a server error which resulted in many of the scripts hosted here being overwritten with a blank script or just the image data.

Developers please reupload your scripts as soon as you can. If you would like to bulk upload your scripts please ZIP them up and email them to with the subject "bulk upload" and I'll see to it that your scripts get added as soon as possible.

I'd also like to apologize for not being diligent in backing up these files. I make daily backups of our database but not the physical files stored on the server. I honestly never thought this could happen and I assure you that I'll be making daily backups of the physical files as well from here on out.

Once again, I'm sorry, and thanks for everything.

[Website] Lists and Contests


Today I finished preliminary code on a new section of the website that will allow us to create and share our own lists of our favorite scripts. On every (non-adult) script page we'll see a little plus image that will let us save a script to a list that we name and create. When released anyone will be able view the created lists but in this testing phase only Gold Members can create new lists.

Over the next few days I plan on polishing the experience a little bit and hopefully get some feedback from you guys after it goes live.


Also today I got some good news concerning the upcoming scripting contests: MediaMall has agreed to give out some free premium subscriptions to contest winners. I'm not totally sure on the exact details but I do know that you'll be able to gift them to friends or family if you are currently a premium subscriber.

The first contest will definitely begin on June 1 with a cash prize and hopefully I'll work out the details with MediaMall about the free upgrades by then as well.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

[Developers] New landing page when updating scripts

I realize sometimes after updating a script the website loading times can be quite awhile. I can't really do anything about the load times but I can make the wait time more bearable by giving you guys some idea of what's going on, so I did. If your script has a lot of subscribers and might take awhile to finish completing, you'll get a little message informing you that it might take a little bit of time. I think this will be better than just staring at the loading image in our browsers.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[Gold] Templates

I'm toying with the idea of changing the site design but I'm worried that my design ability is lacking. Gold Members (from their profile page) can choose how they want the site displayed.