Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Problems with Auto Updaters resolved

I was able to upgrade my hosting and resolve auto updating scripts for now, everything should be back to normal.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Script Developers and Automatically updating scripts

I've recently received a notice concerning a large amount of requests coming into the website. I've narrowed it down to scripts that perform automatic updates. The server is being hammered and it needs to be better managed.

As it stands most scripts are requesting the script's page and then, if an update is available, downloading the newest version. Which is great for the end user but if every single time the script is ran it makes these requests it adds up quick.

I'm going to have to find away to block auto updaters until I can work out a solution, I'm thinking of a developer key which can limit the amount of requests made to the server, if it get's excessive.

In the meantime I encourage script developers to update their scripts, disabling any auto update functions until I can get a system in place to manage the requests.

I hope you all understand, sorry about the inconvenience.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Download Keys

Recently some people have been purchasing scripts and then issuing charge backs. To combat this any script that requires a download key will require that the user be logged in, if they're not, they'll be prompted to login or register. To make the purchaser identifiable I'll probably append their user login name to the google checkout item description. That way if you do receive a charge back you'll be able to search for that purchase number and via the description provide me with a name so I can block them from the site.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Site goes Mobile

I did a little tinkering and if you visit the site from your mobile browser you should see a more mobile friendly site. I've only been able to test with a PSP that I have laying around but it makes a big difference on the smaller resolution. The design is changed very little and the content is 100% in tact.

Let me know if you have issues from your mobile device

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The Subscriptions page has had a significant design overhaul and upgrade. Besides being more pleasing to the eyes, it's also more functional.

Also did some behind the scenes work on the subs and found a bug, that has probably been affecting users for quite some time but was never brought to my attention, so if you've ever had problems adding subscriptions give it another go it may be fixed now.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coding night!

Tonight I decided to sit down and do some back end maintenance and upgrade some code.

A lot of the back end is boring but a big chunk of what I worked on will allow me to work on the site without my tinkering resulting in odd errors for those unlucky to stumble upon whatever page I'm working on. Now we'll just get a simple message stating that the page is being worked on at the moment.

Messages too have been beefed up. We can now reply to messages that are in our inbox. This won't affect most users since most messages are sent between developers and to/from admins but when I enable sending messages between users it'll come in handy. I'm still debating on whether this will be a Gold feature only simply because it's more database intensive and will require quite a bit more code.

Speaking of Gold Members, they're seeing a new smaller version of the home page now. The updated page has a new simple javascript based portal widget displaying most of the content that currently takes up a lot of space on the main page. I wrote it myself after searching for something similar but I only turned up overly complex examples that would end up being a pain in the butt to implement and maintain, so I created one from scratch. I'll look for some feedback at a later date for opinions (if anyone actually cares that is).

Gold Membership for new Developers

In order to encourage new developers out there I'm offering up free Gold Memberships.

To be eligible for the upgrade users must add 3 or more free non-adult scripts!

If you've done the work and deserve the upgrade make a post on the forums.