Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Introducing: Bounties

Bounties are an idea I had thought of early on after developing the scripts plugin, but have just now gotten around to developing. Basically a user can submit a website that they want to see a script for with a dollar figure attached and developers can then choose to take up the task of developing the script.

PlayOnScripts will be the intermediate, the script will be uploaded to playonscripts.com, reviewed, and, if confirmed working, payment will be collected from the bounty poster. The developer will then be given the go ahead to add the script to the site and the bounty will be transferred. I plan on collecting a small fee for these transactions to compensate for handling and completing the bounties, and also for development.

I thinking around 10%, so if the bounty is 10$, PlayOnScripts would likely take 1$ (before any fees associated the credit card processing are deducted by Google Checkout) Also bounty posters are expected to use Google Checkout as the only way to pay a bounty, the developer, however, can choose between PayPal or Google Checkout.

It's a loose Beta application right now, so bugs might be discovered.

I got this section working a little early and decided to put it up as a beta

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